Episcopal CREDO


The Season of Lent

Seeking First the Kingdom of God: Encountering Others as Ourselves
by Michael Battle

In this Lenten season let us become more conscious of God—often a scary journey.  Why? Well, such fright is not so much in God as it is in our insecurities born out of an unexamined life.  What tends to scare us is that when we pay better attention to God, our “self” shows up with better clarity.  God’s light usually displays what we don’t want to see.  So, in my reflections, I invite you into safer spaces in which to realize the angels’ warnings:  Do not be afraid!  When we do this, scales fall from our eyes.  We then see how to make a difference in the world that Jesus died for. God’s death is scary (implying our own), but stay tuned in Lent—anxieties transform into joy. Michael Battle

This Lenten reflection series was first published by CREDO in 2012. The Lenten reflections are offered here in audio and text, or as a Podcast through iTunes.