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The CREDO Benefit

As a benefit of the Church Pension Fund, CREDO provides a holistic approach to health and wellness and serves pension plan participants, active and retired, through a wellness program referred to as the CREDO Benefit.

The CREDO Benefit provides an array of conferences and post-conference resources that help eligible pension plan participants examine, evaluate, and re-energize their health and wellness.

The Latin word, CREDO, can be translated as “I believe,” but it has a much deeper meaning. Literally translated, it means, “I give my heart.” CREDO encourages participants to rediscover the passionate essence of their life and ministry in the context of their faith, their relationships, and community.

The mission of CREDO is to provide opportunities for people to examine significant areas of their lives and to discern prayerfully the future direction of their vocation as they respond to God’s call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation.

The CREDO experience provides a profound opportunity for participants to reflect on their journey, discern God’s presence and calling deep within themselves, and renew, reaffirm, and recommit their passion and conviction for their authentic vocation.

CREDO is more than a single conference experience. Through the strength of a holistic approach to wellness, participants are invited to examine their minds, bodies, spirits, and hearts by examining four significant areas of their lives—spiritual, vocational, health, and financial. Through a post-conference curriculum of wellness resources, Episcopal Church clergy can continue and deepen their patterns and commitment to lifelong wellness.


  • An intentional Christ-centered community;
  • A work of the heart, mind, body and spirit;
  • A living stream with a sustainable spirit;
  • A four-step life cycle process of identity, discernment, practice, and transformation.